Tuesday, 17 January 2017

2017 AGM

Hi everyone, here’s an update following the AGM last week.
The members agreed to implement the new management structure I proposed, which is designed to share out the effort of running the club that we all enjoy, in a more fair and even way.
The approach with the new structure is that each event will be run by a different member.  This will also include booking speakers, and organising summer pond visits.   The management support for the most basic, but also essential aspects of running the club will be provided by 3 management support roles.
Management support:
Chairman (Adam Byer), Vice Chairman (Craig Emery) and Treasurer/Membership (Sarah Gordon)
The support provided by these roles will be to act as host for each club meeting, the administration of the club’s bank account, membership and financial transactions.  And also the overall coordination of the events put on by the members.
No events (speakers, grow and shows, garden show, speaker bookings, etc) will be run by these management support roles.
Event organisers:
Every event including guest speakers will be organised by a designated member.  That member will be responsible for putting on that event, and their responsibilities need be no more than that.
Booking speakers - TBC
Grow and Show – Matt Shields
Summer Pond Visits – Alan Dean
Club Exchange – Andy Corrie
Garden Show – Luke Coolwarren (Luke’s agreed to take on half of the organisational responsibilities)
We agreed to:
Have pond visits in May, June, July, August and September.  Paul Randall offered to host the September one, and suggested this be on a Sunday and be coordinated with the end to the Garden Show benching weekend.
Club house events in February, March, April, October, November and December.  We already have Mark Davis booked for February, and December is pencilled in for the Garden Show results.
Andy Corrie will look into running a club exchange, and this may form part of the summer pond visit programme.
Immediate Need
The most immediate need is for someone to book speakers for the Mar, Apr, Oct and November meetings.  I need someone to put themselves forward to take on that activity.  This is a very simple responsibility and amounts to writing a few emails to potential speakers, and perhaps making a few calls.
Final word
Sharing the load is important for the ongoing success of the club, and the response to the new structure and also the support offered by Matt, Alan, Andy and Luke, and also Nigel Bream – who has offered to support the Grow and Show if required, means we are well on our way to having the necessary man power in place to run the club in 2017.
I am hugely grateful to Sarah and Craig, who will continue to provide fantastic support to the club.


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