Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Talk on koi food and feeding koi by Dr David Pool , Fishscience Ltd

Hi All,

It's our monthly club night on Wednesday (13th April) at the usual Dunstable venue, and we have a talk on topic that has never been touched on in the club's history - feeding our beloved koi.

It's such a fundamental part of the husbandry, and it's taken this long to find the right speaker.  I heard great things about his talk at the South East koi club some months ago, and on Wednesday night we welcome Dr David Poole of Fishscience Ltd to Kangei to give us a talk on:

"Feeding for health, colour….and an easy life"

Here's a summary from David on what he will be covering:

"Why should you feed a good quality diet to your koi?  What is it made of?  Why will the right diet lead to healthy fish and less maintenance?  We will look at all of these topics during the talk and discuss why careful feeding really can make a difference to both your koi and your pond.  The second half of the talk will look at koi colouration and explain what gives them the fantastic colours we enjoy.  Did you know that koi can’t make their own colours?  They have to consume colour pigments as part of their diet to ensure that they are a s colourful as their genetics will allow."

David's contact details at Fishscience:

e-mail: Dave.pool@fishscience.co.uk
web site:  www.fishscience.co.uk

It should be a great evening, and one not to miss.

See you on Wednesday



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