Saturday, 25 July 2015

New Kangei Koi Club logo and superb merchandising!

Just wanting to confirm that following agreement from all the member's at our club night we now have an approved new club logo!


Whilst this may 'only be a logo' this is now a huge step forward for us and it looks superb!! I thank everyone in the club for their input / feedback / time and efforts. Big thanks to Joff Taylor for producing all the initial sample logos and then for the numerous edits (over 40 versions to get to the final design).

This was one of my objectives when I took over as club chairman so I am personally extremely pleased to get this agreed especially with the excellent outcome. We (Lou and Sue Davey) have been very busy getting contacts, suppliers and the best pricing for new club merchandising. I am happy to announce we can now place orders for the new Kangei Koi Club

  • Polo shirts at £15
  • Mugs at £7 (available in gloss white, gloss black and matt black)
  • Caps at £8



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