The Summer Garden Show

For the past few years one of the most popular annual events in the club diary is the garden show. In the past two years Gary Pritchard (BKKS judge) has visited the members ponds and judged our koi with some fantastic prizes.

Guest Speakers

During the Monthly Club Nights (second Wednesday of the month) we have a number of guest speakers coming to visit us. Always some of the best attended nights and in 2014 we had Mark Davis, Kevin Ellis, Malcolm Green Lee Burroughs etc.

Club Days Out

The club members are looking to be out and about a lot during 2015. Please see some of the visits to koi shows and koi retailers.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

May 2015 - Club Night with Duncan Griffiths

On the 13 May 2013 the club member's and a number of guests joined us for the highly anticipated Duncan Griffiths talk on "Koi Anatomy and Necropsy". This was the highest turnout for a club night in the club's history with over 40 of us listening in and looking at the superbly polished PowerPoint slides.


The first part of Duncan's koi was focused on Koi Anatomy. This talked us through the

  • koi skeleton (teleost fish),
  • the seven fins (two paired and three single fins) and how each one serves a purpose (stability, speed, steering, controlling pitch and roll
  • The mouth
  • Skin and scales
  • Hearing via a small group of bones that it is believed to be amplified by the swim bladder
  • Nose
  • Taste
  • Muscles
  • Internal Anatomy / Organs

The following are a couple of the slides kindly provided by Duncan for this write-up.





In the second half of the talk we covered necropsy. Duncan talked us through how to disect a koi, from taking off the gill plate, to cutting open the side of the koi followed by a very informative and interesting way pointing out all the organs. I would like to point out that my timing to get and start eating the last of the hot dogs from Lou and Sue's refreshments could have been better! Duncan then showed us comparison images of healthy and unhealthy organs so we could tell the difference. Whilst this second half of his talk was rather graphic, it was extremely informative and also very very interesting.


Many thanks to Duncan from all the club member's for this superb talk. The quality of his PowerPoint slides was brilliant and very polished. His knowledge was great and his willingness to positively share his experiences and how we could all improve our koi husbandry was highly valuable.


Our next meeting is the first member's pond visit of 2015 at Adam Byer's on 10 June 2015 starting at 7pm. This promises to be a great start to our summer season of member's pond visits.


Friday, 1 May 2015

Results of the Kangei Winter Grow and Show at Avenue Fisheries.

On the 12 April 2015 the member's of Kangei travelled to Avenue Fisheries in Wyboston, Bedfordshire for the results of our Winter Grow and Show event starting at 10:30. The hospitality of Pam and Steve was superb as always and these events continue to be a great success for our club. This was also a good opportunity to have a really good relaxed koi related catchup between members. What was also great was that everyone stayed until about 1pm chatting and watching everyone's koi being picked out / measured.


The best development was a really close contest between three great koi of Craig Emery, Dan Randall and Mark Domingo. After careful consideration Steve decided Craig's koi was the winner.


The best growth koi was an entertaining one because as you will see I was a process of elimation which initial koi it was! As you will see the koi completely lost all of its pattern but grew and amazing 80% in the 6 months from 20cm to 36cm. To give further respect to Steve and Pam as a token of their acknowledgement that this had 'gone south' in all other aspects apart from growth they replaced it with a really nice Showa they had grown on over the winter! Many thanks for this.


A quick video of the day is available here




Congratulations to all the winners (Craig) and to everyone for taking part. Huge thanks again to Pam and Steve.


I will say that a large percentage of our koi showed really positive growth and development so far as you will see from the before and after pictures below.