Sunday, 11 January 2015

Results of the Kangei Summer Koi Show 2014

Another year at Kangei came to the annual climax with the results of the Kangei summer koi show.

The prizes for the Summer Garden Show were very kindly sponsored by Kusuri for the second year. As you can see there were some superb prizes for all the winners including large tubs of Kusuri koi food for the major awards and packets of Fluke-M for the best in size winners.


As always these evenings are always well attended so the club laid on a superb buffet and also there was the big end of year raffle with wrapped up presents. Many thanks to Gary for kindly donating the fantastic A1 Shintaro calendar for 2015 (my only win of the night but I was very pleased none the less!).


We were very pleased that Gary Pritchard (BKKS judge) was able to join us to share some more of his koi appreciation knowledge and to provide further information regarding his reasons for each of the award winners / runners up.

As the club continues to grow the number of ponds visited and koi entered has also increased. There were thirteen ponds visited (up two) with 184 koi (up 40%) entered into this years show. The entrants were evenly split across the size categories with baby (33), young (60) and mature (30).

The night started with Gary providing us with an overview of the basics for koi appreciation.....

So now came the bit we had all been waiting for - THE RESULTS



Grand Champion - Paul Randall






Reserve Champion - Tim Morphy


Best Non-Gosanke - Craig and Danny Emery



Best Doitsu - Alan Dean



Jumbo Koi - Craig and Danny Emery (86.5cm)




Most Unique - Andy and Sarah Corrie



Judge it for yourself - Tim Morphy



Best Koi Collection - Jason McMullen




Mature Champion - Craig and Danny Emery

Adult Champion - Adam Byer
Young Champion - Tim Morphy


Baby Champion - Steve Payne


Size 8 - Craig and Danny Emery


Size 7 - Craig and Danny Emery


Size 6 - Adam Byer


Size 5 - Tim Morphy


Size 4 - Tim Morphy


Size 3 - Lou and Sue Davey


Size 2 - Steve Payne


Size 1 - David Utting





Kohaku - Craig and Danny Emery


Sanke - Craig and Danny Emery



Showa - Adam Byer




Utsurimono - Adam Byer


Bekko - Nigel Bream


Asagi / Shusui - Steve Payne




Koromo - Andy and Sarah Corrie


Kawarimono - Craig and Danny Emery



Hikarimuji-mono - Craig and Danny Emery



Hikarimoyo-mono - Paul Randall



Kinginrin - Tim Morphy



Hikari-Utsuri - Alan Dean


Tancho - Steve Payne

All the photos are available here!5010&authkey=!ANBPf6LRgt5cs-E&ithint=folder%2czip






































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