Tuesday, 27 January 2015

January 2015 - Kangei Annual General Meeting

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to everyone

On Wednesday 14 January 2015, the Kangei club held its fourth AGM with a really good attendence from the club members given the severe weather warning that was in place that evening . Please find the summary below.



2015 sees some significant changes to the committee due to a combination of increased work commitments, working away from home and also changes to personal circumstances. Bob Grinyer who started the club four years ago is stepping down from his roles as Treasurer and Membership Secretary. Adam Byer who took over the chairman role from Bob three years ago is also stepping down. Tim Morphy is also stepping down as club secretary. This is obviously a significant change to the club so I would like to pass on my thanks to them, on behalf of everyone at the club, for getting the club to the strong position with superb members, solid financial state and great events.


The new 2015 committee is:

Chair - Mark Hobden

Vice Chair - Craig Emery

Secretary - Mark Hobden

Membership Secretary - Sarah Gordon

Treasurer - Sarah Gordon

PRO & Website - Mark Hobden

Fund Raiser - Lou and Sue Davey


As the new chairman, my key goal for 2015 is to ensure the club's continued success by making sure all the members get the most benefit from being a member of Kangei koi club.

To achieve these goals

  • We will continue with all the popular events from 2014.
  • We have looked to introduce a few new events in 2015.
  • We will get a new club logo.
  • We are in talks with new sponsors for prizes (Kusuri have already very kindly agreed to provide prizes for the Garden Show).
  • We are looking to agree discounts with dealers to ensure we all get some extra value add from our membership.

If anyone would like to help out on the committee in a free role please let me (Mark) know because we will always welcome new ideas and the additional support.


Club Financial Report

The club continues to operate I a strong financial position. At the start of 2014 the committee set a target to keep the net assets aligned with those from year end 2013 whilst in parallel looking to fund additional event for members. I am pleased to confirm the club achieved both these targets. The club remains solvent and the draft balance sheet for year end 2014 indicates net assets remain at 1.4k GBP. The fund raising via the club raffles, drinks, confectionary and food run by Lou & Sue Davey continue to be an area of great strength with profits increasing to 550 GBP in 2014. The number of events funded by the club also increased with the addition of a "Kangei day & BBQ" plus the winter buffet. Club membership numbers remain level which is important.


2015 Calendar

Once the above AGM formalities were dealt with, the night focused onto what the members want to see from the club in 2015. In turn, each member was given the chance to provide their feedback on what worked and what didn't. On the whole every event in 2014 proved to be a great success with increased attendence at all meetings. Below is a list of events that members expressed an interest in.

  • Member's pond visits
  • Kangei Day (3 pond visits and a BBQ)
  • Guest speakers (specifically Kevin Ellis, Mark Davis, Bernie Wollands and Malcolm Green)
  • Garden show
  • Grow and show
  • Koi health
  • Koi show visits
  • Club exchange
  • The quiz


The new committee met on 24 January 2015 and we have arranged the following events for 2015

  • 11 February (our next club night) - Adam Byer - "The Breeding Project"
  • 11 March - Malcolm Green - "Visiting Japan"
  • 08 April - **NEW** Summer Grow and Show with Cuttlebrook at the club house.
  • 13 May - Duncan Griffiths - "Parasites & treatment plus Anatomy"
  • June to September we will be visiting members ponds including a Kangei Day
  • 14 October - Quiz (koi and non-koi)
  • 11 November - Mark Davis presentation and results of the Summer Grow and Show
  • 09 December - Garden Show results with Bernie Wollands


As mentioned above, we are introducing a few new events for 2015

  1. The Kent Dealer Day to visit Koi Waterlife, Koi Waterbarn and Select Nishikigoi already planned for 31 January 2015.
  2. We are looking to arrange a club exchange with Northampton Koi Club. This is likely for us to visit them at the end of June and the return visit to us at the end of August.
  3. Given all the positive feedback relating to the Winter Grow and Show we are introducing a new Summer Grow and Show to the diary. This will be hosted at our club house with koi provided by Cuttlebrook. We will take the koi home and grow them there for the summer. Before the October club night, you will measure the koi in your ponds and take a picture of them. You will bring the measurement and picture (therefore no need to bring the koi) to the October club night. There will be three prizes (awarded in the November meeting) for best percentage growth, with two additional prizes for best development (one decided by Mark Davis and the other by the members).

Please keep an eye on our club website and subscribe for email updates because I will be updating the site regularly.


Lastly, thank you to everyone for your continued support of the club. This club is only as good as its members and you are one the main reasons why we are doing so well.


Next month (Wednesday 11 February 2015 at 19:45) we have Adam Byer providing us with a talk on "The Breeding Project so Far" which promises to be really interesting.




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