Sunday, 2 November 2014

Winter Grow and Show 2014 - Who do you think will win?

On a lovely bright and unseasonably warm Sunday morning (12 Oct 2014), 20 club members attended Kangei's 3rd Winter Grow and Show event hosted by Pam and Steve at Avenue Fisheries ( This year there were marudo sanke on offer and given the quality (as you will see below) they really were great value at just £45.
The koi that won best growth last year achieved 40% growth (20 to 28cm) between selection in October 2013 and collection in April 2014. Since then it has grown with some interesting development and measured in at 38cm (90% growth in 11 months) within this year's Garden Show in September 2014.


A total of 31 koi sold which is the highest amount of koi bought for the winter grow and show. After all our selections there was one koi left in the vat so Steve from Avenue decided to grow it on with the rest, and has kindly offered this koi as a raffle prize at one of our events next year


Many thanks again to Pam and Sue for hosting this event again. The members all had a superb time and there were also a good few koi purchased from the many on offer in the sales tanks. There were also some absolutely stunning nisai (June 2013) Sakuma kohakus that had literally just arrived!!


Please see all the koi selected below. Which one do you think will win highest percentage growth and best development? The results will be coming around next Easter. Good luck to everyone who entered......





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