Thursday, 19 December 2013

Summer Garden Show Winners with Kusuri Prizes

Firstly a massive thankyou from everyone at the club to Kusuri ( for sponsoring this event. The members were all extremely grateful for the prizes and we had the highest number of entrants into the garden show in the club's history as a result.
After the previous post focused on all the winning koi, we now focus on one to showcase all the winning owners with the superb Kusuri sponsored prizes.

Paul Randall winner of Grand Champion, Best Koi Collection, Best Doitsu, Most Unique Koi and Best in Variety - Kinginrin

Danny and Craig Emery - Winners of Reserve Grand Champion and Jumbo Koi

Adam Byer - Winner of Best Non Gosanke, Best in Variety Kohaku, Utsurimono, Bekko, Asagi / Shusui, Kawarimono, Hikarimuji-mono and Hikarimoyo-mono

Tim Morphy - Winner of Best In Size - Mature and Young

Alan Dean - Winner of Best in Size - Baby

Mark Hobden - Winner of Best in Variety - Sanke

Nigel Parren - Winner of Best in Variety - Showa and Member's Favorite

Jason McMullen - Winner of Best in Variety - Koromo and Hikari-utsuri

Peter Brewin - Winner of Best in Variety - Tancho

David Utting - 2nd in Best in Variety - Koromo and 3rd Kinginrin

After all the wards were handed out and the Gary Pritchard had given his honest but valuable feedback all the members had a great opportunity to review each other's entrants. Some great comments and humour was shared between the members

Our next meeting is the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 08 January 2014 starting at 8pm

Finally I would like to wish you all a superb Christmas and New Year.
Happy Koi Keeping


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