Thursday, 10 October 2013

Our October Meeting with Syd Mitchell

For our October club night, we were joined by Syd Mitchell (aka manke sanke on the forums). Syd was fresh from giving a two day lecture on pond design, filtration plus water chemistry and quality so arrived with his wealth of knowledge and also a very informative set of slides.

Syd ran the night as a very open discussion forum with his own enthusiastic and entertaining style.

The night started with the basic but very key topic of pond design with bottom drain placement and the impact of air to the water flow via some very simple but effective diagrams. The next topic was about how water temperatures greatly impact our koi immune systems and this was of great interest to the members especially with us all getting prepared for winter. There were numerous questions about minimum water temperatures and the negative impact on biological filtration. This naturally flowed into an assessment of the different types of heaters (benefits, efficiencies, running costs) and also the some useful recommendations regarding how to configure the pipe work when adding a heater to your system.

The club night was very well attended and I believe we could have been there until the early hours asking questions with Syd's wealth of knowledge and willingness to share his experiences.

Many thanks to Syd for his time and we look forward to his next visit in 2014.

Next month (13 Nov 2013) we have Mark Davis from Cuttlebrook Koi Farm ( visiting the club to give a talk.



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