Sunday, 2 June 2013

Garden Show 2013

Hi all,

I hope you are well and these recent warmer temperatures are treating your koi well.

I can confirm the Garden Show will be run this year with benching on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September.  It will be in the same format as last year, with Gary Pritchard doing the judging and visiting every exhibitors' pond.

There will be a BBQ at my house for the whole club, timed to happen at the mid point of the Garden Show benching.

We've talked a lot last year about the format, and what's involved and why it's worth entering.   We have lots of new members, and as a quick refresher for everyone, this is what the Garden Show is

- It's an event that members elect to enter, and they enter some of their koi into a photographic show.
- The Garden Show variant on photo shows we put on at Kangei means you get Gary Pritchard (judge, and JSC chair!) visiting your pond and talking through your koi, helping you to select which ones to enter into the competition.  A few other Kangei members will be travelling with him ("The Benching Team") and they will photo the koi entered, and measure it.  Your koi will not have to travel anywhere to enter the show - the whole thing is done pond side and takes around 50 mins.
- Once everyone's koi are photographed, Gary does the judging and awards prizes.  While he's doing that no-one know's the results - so we run  judge it for yourself competition where any member can enter and it's a quiz format where you have  go a guessing which koi is going to win each of the top 15 or so awards.
- We have set the range of awards to give everyone the best chance of winning something with your best koi - whether it's one of the more common varieties or one of the less common ones; there are plenty of prizes focussed solely on the less common varieties to help balance it all out.
- Last year each household exhibitor was able to enter up to 12 koi.  And I hope to keep it at 12 again this year - that's only an "up to" amount though, and there's no minimum limit!
Bottom line is, it's a bit of fun.  It's a fantastic learning opportunity with Gary doing the judging and giving commentary as he goes which will be the usual constant flow of golden insights into koi and koi keeping.
It's another chance to take part in something rather special that we put on at Kangei, and I am grateful to Gary Pritchard for his ongoing support of our club.
- Gary will visit the club to announce the results and give a presentation on his judging and picking up on appreciation points on the koi entered in the show.  Gary's presentation was one of the highlights of last year's club meetings.

The entry fee will be £17 per household, which is a contribution to the running costs of the event. It's the same amount as last year.

I encourage you to enter the show - it's an opportunity to have Gary at your pond side providing koi insights; which is a special treat.  Your koi don't need to leave your pond - the benching team (5 or 6 people) come to your pond, measure and take a pic of each koi entered.  It's simple!

The other reason I would like you to enter is because the more entrants the more material there is for the whole club to enjoy the judge it for yourself competition and also for Gary's results presentation and koi appreciation talk.  It's a virtuous circle, but I do need your support to make it happen.

There is no limit on the number of members who can enter.

These award shields are up for grabs again this year

Last year's winner with his awards haul

Steve won the award for best koi collection; seen here  at his pond with Gary Pritchard

Happy koi keeping

Adam  Byer


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