Thursday, 14 March 2013


Many thanks to Richard Hadley from Oase for providing a very interesting insight into the company, its products and, more specifically, their uses in the koi hobby.

It was very interesting to hear that Dutch hobbyists tend to design their systems with very short return pipes and little or no head - enabling the exceptionally low wattage Aquamax Gravity Eco pumps to be used. It's not a pump I've heard many UK hobbyists use, but could it be an effective alternative to an airlift system where some limited head has to be overcome, e.g. to return over a pond wall???

Also, there was a very interesting word of warning for anyone looking to buy exceptionally cheap Oase products - Oase and their product dealers DO NOT sell on ebay. Products bought from ebay, even if they are advertised as brand new, unopened products, will NOT be covered by the Oase warranty!!

Thanks again for a very interesting and enjoyable evening Richard and also for your very generous donation of an Oase PondoVac for us to auction/raffle to support club funds.

Our next meeting will be at Avenue Fisheries on Sunday 24th March when our winter Grow and Show selections will be seen for the first time since they were chosen last autumn - and the winners will be announced!

That meeing will be immediately followed by a lunchtime pond visit to Sharon and Tim's pond.


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