Friday, 29 March 2013

First pond visit of 2013

After the grow and show results at Avenue Fisheries, we moved to Tim and Sharron’s place for Kangei’s first pond visit of the year.

The weather was cooler than expected, with snow on the ground and temperatures around freezing – Tim and Sharron had cleared the snow so we could congregate near the pond and enjoy the visit. 

There’s something about our first pond visits of the year which brings out the cold conditions....  it was the same last year too!  Nevertheless, quite a few of the members like to get out there and start the pond visit schedule early in the year.

Tim and Sharron cover and heat their pond to around 12 degrees and the fish were clearly enjoying the cosy conditions.  They have a purpose built filter bay with a timber decking finish which helps it blend into the patio decking. The filtration consists of a sieve and bead.

We moved into the kitchen and finished the visit with teas, coffee’s and a few nibbles much appreciated by the members.

Our next pond visit is scheduled for the end of April, and lets keep our fingers crossed for some warm weather.


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