Saturday, 9 February 2013

Members' feedback on activity preferences for 2013

We’ve completed the process of discussing with the members about the activities they most want to do in 2013 and thank you to everyone who fed back on this in discussion at the AGM and via the questionnaire.
It’s been a massive help for us to understand what members want out of the club for this year.

I’ve summarised the questionnaire responses so you can see the number of responses we had for each activity, split by the level of score.

To help you read the results, here’s a reminder of what the scoring meant.  We asked for people to score each activity with a number from 0 to 3.  The scoring was:
3 = Very interested
2 = Interested
1 = Partially interested
0 = Not interested

So for example, the activity of “talks – filtration”, received:
-          No “0’s”
-          2 x “1’s”
-          7 x “2’s”
-          7 x “3’s”

Which suggests there’s no one who’s “not interested” in it – ie everyone is interested in this, and that most people are interested or very interested in it.

Ok, so back to the questionnaires.

It’s possible to weight the scoring to produce a single “points” value for each item and I've added a simple weighted score on the right hand side and a rank number, which shows you the ranking of each weighted score.

The method of weighting is always subjective  - for example, it's always about how many weighting points each score type receives - and the weighting approach does skew the results  I've calculated the weighting giving the "0's" zero points, the "1's" one point and so on.  The weighted score is another piece of info for those that are interested in it, and it’s fairly clear from the raw results what the top items are.  The weighting doesnt work well for the pond visits items - so be please take care in drawing conclusions from just the weighted scores, or from the questionnaire in isolation, as they don't tell the whole story.  It is however a helpful aid to see how members are thinking.

The committee met this week to discuss members' feed back, and we've taken the questionnaire results and AGM discussion into account, and used each piece of information a useful guide only - still applying some of our own grey matter to interpret the feed back.

Here's the questionnaire (click on it to view in at a readable size):

Ok, so now to interpret the feed back.

Top scoring items

A summer BBQ

Dealer / farm visits

Pond visits; note that members typically put a single score down against one of the pond visit options, so the questionnaire results on their own don’t tell the whole story.  This is clearly one of the club’s favourite activities and the questionnaire shows a preference for around 4 visits a year.

Talks in general, with most interest falling to koi appreciation, koi development, filtration, water quality, japan trips and pond building.

Off site training, particularly focussed on taking scrapes, using a microscope and identifying parasites.

The Garden Show (photo show, garden style), with Judge-It-For-Yourself quiz.

Grow and show. On the questionnaires, the summer option and winter options score similarly.  But at the AGM, through discussion and a hands up style vote showed that there was far greater support for a winter show and grow than a summer one.

Members’ discussions, like a Q&A on how’s our pond doing.

The annual koi quiz

Other activities that members clearly have an interest in but didn’t score quite as highly as those above are:

Show visits.

Winter dinner

Club exchange

Plans for 2013

The top items from the questionnaire matched the feedback through discussion at the AGM and we are looking to put on as many of the top items as we can this year. For the pond visits, feedback from the AGM showed a desire to hold the monthly summer meetings at people’s pond’s rather than in our Dunstable club house.  This would be a different approach to previous years and with the strong AGM feedback on this, it’s something we will try out this year for one or two of the summer’s monthly meetings.

On the off site training category, we’ll focus on just the most popular item of taking scrapes/identifying bugs under a scope, noting that netting and handling koi came out very strongly but we did that in 2012 so will give that a miss in 2013.

We already have a date in the diary for the Garden Show weekend which is the 7th and 8th September, so please put that in your diaries now if you would like to exhibit this time around.

There were a couple of surprises in the questionnaire scoring.  The main one being the club exchange activity.  The scoring shows some interest from members, but lower than I was expecting and that is very helpful feedback.  Bob’s taken a lead on this activity and has researched travel costs, and before taking it any further we’ll check again with the members whether it’s something we continue with for 2013 or put on the back burner for another year.

The other surprise was “weekend trip to the dutch show”, which scored fairly low overall but with 8 people scoring it as either a 2 (“interested”) or a 3 (“very interested”), it’s something to keep in the back of our minds.

The questionnaire was written before the BKKS National show was announced, and that’s why it doesn’t appear on the list of show trips. We’ll keep an eye on the arrangements, and I’m sure there will be some members who go to the event and we can coordinate car sharing in the normal way for those interested.

On another note – spring is fast approaching now, and don’t forget this can be a challenging period of change for your koi and you can read tips on how to manage it from our very own Bob Grinyer here:

Happy koi keeping

Adam Byer.


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