Sunday, 24 February 2013

EMKC Winter Show

Several members of Kangei Koi Club made the fairly short journey north to visit the winter show, which has become a firm favourite with some of us as it provides a much needed highlight for the hobby during the dreary winter months.

Many thanks to the East Midlands Koi Club and all exhibitors for putting on another excellent show and, of course, many congratulations to all the prize winners.

Here are a selection of some of the photos taken during our visit - with a couple of koi that particularly interested us as we admired them in their vats.

                                                                Jumbo Champion

This Asagi not only has a beautiful reticulation pattern in its scales, but it is also very unusual in that the scales appear to overlay in the wrong direction, i.e. the front of each scale appears to overlap the back edge of the scale in front of it! They don't, but it is certainly a very unusual and interesting scale pattern.

And this beautifully clean, metallic, doitsu koi drew lots of attention from show visitors and actually won the "Friendship" award. It is a metallic Komonryu and is called a Kikokuryu.

Many thanks again to everyone who contributed to providing such a great day out!



Some great looking fish, unfortunately we couldn't make it.

Gaz and Mark

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