Hi everyone, and happy new year! I can't believe Christmas and new year has come and gone so quickly, and Kangei is 2 years old! A lot has happened in the past year at the club, and i think it has been a very successful year, and January the 9th is our fist meeting of the year, and also the all important AGM. This is a very important event for the club, as it's your chance to have a say in how the club progresses for the coming year.

The night will progress as follows:

The committee will give their reports for 2012, how the club fared in the past year.

Next, we will be nominating the committee for 2013. This is your chance to put yourselves forward for any roles, or to re-nominate the current committee, which are keen to continue for another year.

Club events.
We will be having an open discussion to get your views on the events you'd like to see in the coming months. This will range from guest speakers, pond visits, grow and show event, garden shows and everything in between. We need to know what you want from the club. A list of events has been drafted up, and you can have your say. A copy of the questionare has been attached, see Adams post below.

General discussion.
The night will end with an open discussion, a general chat about where we are, where we're going, how the club could be improved, or what we are doing right, website etc. Again, the emphasis is on you having a say in the running of the club.

Also, on a side note, we are looking for people who are happy to open their ponds for our club pond visits, if you are interested, please let me know, with a rough time of year and i'll get back to you. :-)

Thanks, Tim Morphy, Secretary.

Notes from the committee:

Adam Byer, chairman:
Thank you all for supporting the club over the last year and it's made for a successful second year; we've increased membership and there's always been a high proportion of members attending and taking part in events - which means we got the schedule and types of activities about right in 2012.

For 2013 I would like you all to have your say as to what types of events and activities you are most interested in, and we'll do that via a questionnaire, followed by general discussion at the AGM. 
Then at the AGM, once everyone's completed their questionnaire - we'll have a round the table style chat about events and activities for 2013. It was a great help for the running of the club this year when we did that at the last AGM, and I look forward to your input this time around again.

See you on Wednesday

Happy koi keeping

Adam Byer
Nathan Hodges, treasurer:
The end of 2012 sees Kangie Koi Club in a good financial position in no small part to the efforts of all of you with regards to supporting the raffle every month. Going forward it is hoped that the cash holdings will again increase in 2013 and build to a point where these can be used to support significant activities within the club. Happy koi keeping for 2013 and beyond
Steve Clark, vice chairman / fundraiser:
My role as vice chairman over the last 12 months has mainly been in supporting the other committee members as there has not been the requirement for me to step in for Adam , except to thank him for his hospitality at the bar- b- que he held at his house after the garden show.

The monies raised from the raffles , which has had donations from Tesco , Japanese Koi Company and from club members , has paid for the room hire on 11 occasions we attended Cuttlebrook Koi Farm for Junes meeting.

The AGM will be having a free raffle to paid up members for a 6kg tub of wheatgerm food.

In addition there will be the normal raffle with tickets at 50p each , this months prizes include tub of chocolate, bottle of wine, set of 4 wine glasses, clock and a couple of other items.

See you next Wednesday.

Bob Grinyer, Book keeper:
Membership subscriptions for the 2013 calendar year are now due.
Our subscription fees remain unchanged at £25 for the year and should be paid ASAP. Bob Grinyer is responsible for collecting our subscriptions and maintaining accurate and current records of all payments received. You can pay your subscriptions by either cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer.
All memberships paid before or at the AGM on 9th January (bank transfers to be received by midday on 9th January) will be entered into a
FREE PRIZE DRAW for 6Kg of Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm Food worth £40
I hope to see you at the AGM on Wednesday.
Thanks, Tim Morphy