Thursday, 3 January 2013

Best in variety awards at the 2012 Garden Show

Hi guys,

Before we focus on 2013,  I'd like one last reflection about the 2012 Garden Show, and in particular the best in variety awards.

All the koi shows I've exhibited at have awards for best in size, and best in the overall size groupings like baby, young and so on.  The EMKC Winter Show augments this with best in variety awards, and that's one of the reasons I like that particular show.

What best in variety awards do is to bring a little extra attention to the less well known and less popular varieties. There are 13 show variety classes - Go Sanke take all the glory and people's attention so much of the time - and these koi often fill the best in size ranks; sometimes with the odd utsuri mono.  But that leaves 9 other whole variety classes worth of appreciation opportunity that in my view need their own points of focus to give them a boost.

So for the Kangei Garden Show I added best in variety awards, like they do at the EMKC show.  With the results now in and having had some time to reflect on them -  I'm glad we did. Koi keepers are already sufficiently drawn to the go sanke, so that those classes need no further stimulation. Adding the best in variety awards gave more chances to recognise the breadth of appreciation qualities in exhibitors' collections and gives future exhibitors a reason to buy and nurture good quality examples of non-go sanke koi.

All the exhibitors this year placed with atleast a 3rd best in variety award with one of their entries.  There were a few categories like tancho (2 entries) and hikari utsuri (1 entry) where entries were sparse; but other than those two, the other varieties all had a reasonable number of entries.  Varieties like hikarimoyo mono, kawarimono and asagi/shusui, there was lots of competition and in fact they enjoyed more entries than showa and sanke - two of the go sanke varieties.

So here are pictures of the best in variety awards, with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed koi shown side by side.

Happy koi keeping

Adam Byer


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