Tuesday, 29 January 2013

AGM report

 Hi, following the AGM in Early January, i just wanted to outline a few points from the night.


 The committee will remain the same as 2012, as voted by members. This consists of:

Chairman:                                Adam Byer
Vice chairman/fundraiser:       Steve Clark
Secretary                                  Tim Morphy
Treasurer:                                 Nathan Hodges
Book keeper                             Bob Grinyer

The committee are very keen to push the club forward for another year, and we had a good discussion session, and got some good ideas for the coming year.

 Members showed an interest in repeating several events that we did last year, pond visits, grow and show, garden show etc, but also highlighted a few things we've yet to cover, such as microscope demonstrations, exchange trip with another club, Japan trip breakdown, pond building etc. Needless to say there will be lots to get involved in this year, and should prove to be another successful year.

 Fundraising was also another highlight of last year, paying for the venue, and helping to cover costs of guest speakers etc. So please, keep entering the raffles, and you might win some great prizes!

 We will soon have a pond visit list for the year, as many members showed an interest in opening their ponds for us to enjoy, and this was the event members showed the most interest in, at the end of the day it's what we're in the hobby to enjoy, koi in pleasant surroundings. :-)

 And don't forget, our next meeting is on the 13th February, in which i'll be sharing my results of my koi development over the past year.

                 Koi Development 2012-2013

 Thanks, Tim


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