Friday, 28 December 2012

Garden Show Results Night

Well, after months of waiting, the garden results are in! Although our first event of this kind, it has been one of the highlights of the year, with 9 members entering their koi and a whopping 103 koi in the event made it larger than some closed shows. And It was nice to see a wide spread of awards to several entrants.

Gary Pritchard headed the night, and didn't waste any time in announcing the grand champion, a 65cm showa owned by our treasurer, Nathan Hodges. Nathans was the second pond of the day visited, and  no other koi could better it.

Reserve champion was awarded to our chairman, Adam Byer, with his 64cm kohaku, a worthy second place:
Best Doitsu, 51cm shusui, Adam Byer:

The other winners are as follows:

Baby champion, 34cm sanke owned by yours truly, secretary Tim Morphy:

Young champion, 49cm sanke, also members favourite and best overall pond/koi collection, Steve Payne:

Mature champion, 67cm kohaku, Nathan Hodges:
Best non go sanke, 41cm tancho, Nathan Hodges

Jumbo champion, 79cm chagoi, Craig and Danny Emery:

The individual class winners have been posted so I won't go through them all.

After these were announced, the judge it for yourself winner was awarded to Mark Domingo, who guessed the closest order to Gary's choices, so possibly a future koi judge!

A very well done to everyone!

This event was helped greatly by several sponsors who supplied us with prizes and award shields that made the event that little bit special.

Our main sponsor Avenue fisheries, gave each entrant a blanket weed treatment, the grand champion a £75 koi voucher, and the reserve champion a £45 koi voucher. We are also grateful for award shields sponsored by Cuttlebrook Koi Farm, PKDA, the South East Koi Club and several individual members.

fter Gary finished his hour long presentation on the winners, he followed on with two fascinating presentations about his trip to Japan. The first was a tour through his pics showing all the things you don’t typically get to see when people present their Japan trips, like street vendors selling koi and koi living wild in drainage ditches! He finished off by showing us pics of the matsunosuke koi auction, and some of the prices were quite a surprise – because they were lower than we would have expected; now how often have you ever heard someone commenting on the prices being "low" in our hobby! it was very interesting. All this is just more fodder for those members that are looking Japan ward for their next holiday…

Lastly, none of this could have been done without the event organiser, Adam Byer, who has put in hours and hours of work, so a big thank you. We are all looking forward to next year’s show and it promises to be even bigger with more members looking to join in the fun and exhibit next time around!!



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