Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Try our judging quiz....

We’ve recently benched our first Garden Show, and Gary Pritchard has kindly judged it for us.
The thing is… no one knows the results, except for Gary (who judged it), and me so I can get the certificates printed.
It’s a tough period for everyone, waiting for the results!
So, we’ve made best use of it to give our members a bit of fun by running a judge-it-for-yourself quiz.  Members had a go at being the judge and predicted which koi will win the top 18 awards, and they’ve entered their predictions into the “judge-it-for-yourself” quiz.  The winner of the quiz is the person who gets the most answers the same as Gary Pritchard.
The deadline has passed for members to make their quiz entries, and with a few weeks left before the Garden Show results are presented at our December meeting, it gives us a chance to provide a bit of fun for other koi enthusiasts.
So, why not have a go at the quiz yourself ?  We’ll publish the results of the Garden Show on our website in December so you can check your own answers and see how close you got to the judge’s results.
We would love to know which koi you think will win Grand Champion, Mature Champion, Young Champion and Baby Champion, so why not tell us about it by leaving a comment on this post.
Here are pictures of the koi – each has a unique 4 digit reference shown in the label at the bottom of the picture.  The label also shows which size the koi has been benched into (we’ve given each size a name, “Baby”, “Young”, “Mature”).
I’ve included a copy of the quiz sheet that Kangei member’s had a go at filling in at the bottom of this post.
Happy Koi Keeping

And, the quiz sheet:

Enter you quiz ansers in this column – it should be the koi reference (4 digit number)
Guidance Notes
Grand Champion

The best koi in the show
Reserve Grand Champion

The 2nd best koi in the show
Mature Champion

The best koi in the mature size category
Young Champion

The best koi in the young size category
Baby Champion

The best koi in the baby size category
Best Kohaku

The best kohaku, irrespective of size
Best Sanke

The best sanke, irrespective of size
Best Showa

The best showa, irrespective of size
Best Utsurimono

The best utsurimono, irrespective of size
Best Bekko

The best bekko, irrespective of size
Best Asagi/Shusui

The best asagi/shusui, irrespective of size
Best Koromo

The best koromo, irrespective of size
Best Kawarimono

The best kawarimono, irrespective of size
Best Hikarimuji-mono

The best hikarimuji-mono, irrespective of size
Best Hikarimoyo-mono

The best hikarimoyo-mono, irrespective of size
Best Hikari-utsuri

The best hikari-utsuri, irrespective of size

(hint: there’s only one of these in the show as you can see from the benching matrix, so if you don’t pick that one you will get this question wrong…)
Best Kinginrin

The best kinginrin, irrespective of size
Best Tancho

The best tancho, irrespective of size
What’s your favourite koi?

No guidance on this one – it’s a free choice!  The most popular koi from members’ responses will win the “Members’ favourite” award.


Thanks for your suggestion; the results were announced at out meeting on Wednesday this week and keep an eye on this site over the next few days as we release the results.

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