Saturday, 3 November 2012

Gary Pritchard in Japan

Gary Pritchard making great use of his Kangei polo shirt overseas, on his recent annual Japan trip. He can be seen here with some of the most famous and successful koi breeders in Japan, sporting his trusty Kangei polo short.

Here's Gary with  Saito San (Shintaro) who also kindly gave Gary a couple of his 2013 calendars for our December raffle:

And here's Gary with Sakai San (Matsunosuke). His son Toshi is on Gary's right. He sent Kangei two benching towels for our december raffle as well.

Bring on the December raffle!

Andy, thanks to Gary for helping to spread word about our new club.

I wonder how long it will be before other members make their way to Japan.....

Happy koi keeping



Shame he couldn't get a couple of next year's calendars Adam! LOL

Hi Bob. My typo - Gary's collected 2013 calendars. I've corrected the news item.

Excellent stuff. Maybe it will be me it a couple of years. :-)

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