The Summer Garden Show

For the past few years one of the most popular annual events in the club diary is the garden show. In the past two years Gary Pritchard (BKKS judge) has visited the members ponds and judged our koi with some fantastic prizes.

Guest Speakers

During the Monthly Club Nights (second Wednesday of the month) we have a number of guest speakers coming to visit us. Always some of the best attended nights and in 2014 we had Mark Davis, Kevin Ellis, Malcolm Green Lee Burroughs etc.

Club Days Out

The club members are looking to be out and about a lot during 2015. Please see some of the visits to koi shows and koi retailers.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Try our judging quiz....

We’ve recently benched our first Garden Show, and Gary Pritchard has kindly judged it for us.
The thing is… no one knows the results, except for Gary (who judged it), and me so I can get the certificates printed.
It’s a tough period for everyone, waiting for the results!
So, we’ve made best use of it to give our members a bit of fun by running a judge-it-for-yourself quiz.  Members had a go at being the judge and predicted which koi will win the top 18 awards, and they’ve entered their predictions into the “judge-it-for-yourself” quiz.  The winner of the quiz is the person who gets the most answers the same as Gary Pritchard.
The deadline has passed for members to make their quiz entries, and with a few weeks left before the Garden Show results are presented at our December meeting, it gives us a chance to provide a bit of fun for other koi enthusiasts.
So, why not have a go at the quiz yourself ?  We’ll publish the results of the Garden Show on our website in December so you can check your own answers and see how close you got to the judge’s results.
We would love to know which koi you think will win Grand Champion, Mature Champion, Young Champion and Baby Champion, so why not tell us about it by leaving a comment on this post.
Here are pictures of the koi – each has a unique 4 digit reference shown in the label at the bottom of the picture.  The label also shows which size the koi has been benched into (we’ve given each size a name, “Baby”, “Young”, “Mature”).
I’ve included a copy of the quiz sheet that Kangei member’s had a go at filling in at the bottom of this post.
Happy Koi Keeping

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mark Davis from Cuttlebrook Koi Farm

Mark Davis from Cuttlebrook Koi Farm
Well, what a fantastic turn out last night for our monthly Kangei club meet, the biggest attendance so far for the club, with 25 members attending the talk given by Mark Davis from Cuttlebrook Koi Farm.

Mark had come with an open mind and a choice of topics, and we opted for the history of the farm, and the breeding done there. It was quite amazing to see how Mark has progressed from nothing, to a successful koi farm, with the help of Lisa.  It's so easy to take for granted that we have such a place on our doorstep, without realising the time, effort and money that goes into the running of a 24/7 koi farm.

The night finished off with a questions and answers session, with Mark giving good, honest advise on all things Koi. This is the second visit to our club by Mark, and hopefully won't be the last. A big thank you from the Kangei crew :-)
Last night was also the closure of the garden show judge it for your self entries, Adam took the time to print off the koi pictures, and judging sheets for people who hadn't yet entered, it was nice to see all the koi in each variety/size laid out. The next meet will be another high attendance one I'm sure, when the results of this, and Gary's results are given out, along with the deserved awards to the winners, I can't wait!
Lastly, Adam mentioned that we are rapidly reaching our second AGM, in which the committee will be elected. The current committee are keen to help the club in the following year, but it would be great if anyone fancies having more of an input, and putting themselves forward for any roles. Or, if anyone has any suggestions on how we can improve the club in any way, that would be great also. Please get in touch with Adam. Remember, this is a club run by it's members, for it's members, so your opinions count.


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Gary Pritchard in Japan

Gary Pritchard making great use of his Kangei polo shirt overseas, on his recent annual Japan trip. He can be seen here with some of the most famous and successful koi breeders in Japan, sporting his trusty Kangei polo short.

Here's Gary with  Saito San (Shintaro) who also kindly gave Gary a couple of his 2013 calendars for our December raffle:

And here's Gary with Sakai San (Matsunosuke). His son Toshi is on Gary's right. He sent Kangei two benching towels for our december raffle as well.

Bring on the December raffle!

Andy, thanks to Gary for helping to spread word about our new club.

I wonder how long it will be before other members make their way to Japan.....

Happy koi keeping