Monday, 3 September 2012

Kangei visits Steve's Pond

Steve built his first pond a couple of years ago and has been slowly building his koi collection.
I’ve seen lots of pictures of the pond and koi since meeting Steve at Kangei and this was our first opportunity to see the fruits of his labour first hand.
This is Steve and Kim’s first pond and to their credit they've built a pond that most people would be proud of as their final dream pond - it looks good and under the hood is a practical filtration system plumbed in a way that makes it easy for Steve to manage, and the pond provides a comfortable home for the koi.

The pond is a great size.  It's large enough to give the koi space to grow and small enough so it fits neatly into the garden as a design feature.  And Steve and Kim have done an excellent job in this regard, with hard landscaping around the pond providing a seating and recreational area on one side, with a drought style garden on the other – complete with it’s own planting including some fetching “zebra” grasses and a viewing bench.

There’s also an array of inanimate pond creatures, including several frogs and a fishing “Willie”.

The pond is an oval shape, partly above and below ground , brick built and lined with black fibre glass.  There’s a pergola above it with green garden-style netting roof covering.  It’s filtered with a Nexus 210, Clarity trickle tower, multicyclone and UV, with several above and below water returns that Steve can control from a suite of ball valves – and the whole lot sits in the purpose built filter room next to the pond.  Steve tops up his pond with a continual water trickle and has tailored his Nexus with an overflow so the excess water goes straight to waste.

The koi themselves look great as a collection, with several individual ones that members felt stood out like the Showa and Asagi

Steve and Kim put on a summer bbq and for those with a sweet tooth there was even strawberries and cream!  Thanks to Steve and Kim for hosting, and I wish them best of luck for Kangei’s forthcoming photo show.
We received another new member to the club this month, and welcome to Mark Seymour who many know as “lucky” on the forums.  We’ve had a new member most months this year, and it’s great to see more people wanting to be part of the club.
Happy Koi Keeping


A lovely pond visit with old and new freinds!
great pond and set up,
big thanks to Steve and Kim for being perfect hosts!

steve/kangei my apologies for such a fleeting visit
splendid pond - gutted i could nt stay


Thanks Steve and Kim, really enjoyed our visit!

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