Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kangei Visits the SE's All England Koi Show

We've visited a few shows this year, and coordinated our gathering for the Monday of the show.  I profess we spent a little too much time sat down having a natter over lunch, but did get to take in the enormity of the show.

We reviewed our pictures at the last Kangei meeting, and it was a stark reminder of the sheer quality on display.  I was the only member exhibiting at the show and was fortunate to come away with a few well earned awards.  But as we pages through the pics, there seemed an endless stream of fantastic go sanke and also other varieties too.

I asked members how they felt about the show and everyone agreed it was the best show they've visited this year.  A couple of members picked up new fish, benefiting from some of the attractive prices dealers were putting on.

It's on our schedule again for next year and thank you to the whole SE show team for pulling out all the stops again and supporting the UK koi community with what is effectively a national show.  And it's pleasing they've recognised the broad support they have around the country by naming the show the All England Show.

I took a few photos which I can share with you here.  Here are the exhibitors who won the overall champions:

And here are the overall champions.

Grand Champion

Grand Champion - Scott Jenkins - Showa

Reserve Grand Champion

Reserve Champion - Raad Hassan - Kohaku

Mature Champion

Mature Champion - Tim Fisher - Sanke

Adult Champion:

Adult Champion - Raad Hassan - Sanke

Young Champion:

Young Champion - Andrew & Penny Moorby

Sorry Andrew and Penny; the pic just didnt come out well!  You can see this fantastic koi on the SE Club's Facebook page here:

Baby Champion:

Baby Champion - Tony & Elaine Thompson - Kohaku

Best Non Go Sanke

Best Non-GoSanke - James Carter - Tancho

 Jumbo Champion

Jumbo - James Carter - 96cm Hikarimuji

 Congratulations to all the exhibitors for their awards, and particularly to the overall winners above.

Here are a selection of over 75 pictures of a wide variety of koi in the show vats:
SE Koi Club's "All England Show" 2012

And finally, some pics from around the show ground

SE Koi Club's "All England Show" 2012 - Around the show ground

Until next year......

Happy koi keeping

Adam Byer


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