The Summer Garden Show

For the past few years one of the most popular annual events in the club diary is the garden show. In the past two years Gary Pritchard (BKKS judge) has visited the members ponds and judged our koi with some fantastic prizes.

Guest Speakers

During the Monthly Club Nights (second Wednesday of the month) we have a number of guest speakers coming to visit us. Always some of the best attended nights and in 2014 we had Mark Davis, Kevin Ellis, Malcolm Green Lee Burroughs etc.

Club Days Out

The club members are looking to be out and about a lot during 2015. Please see some of the visits to koi shows and koi retailers.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bobs Pond Visit

The Sun was out for this mornings visit to Bobs Pond, and a good number of the clubs members were able to pop in for a lovely morning, fish, sunshine and breakfast!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mark and Gaz Pond Build - Part 3

Its been a while since I last collated where we are up to with our Koi Pond Project and quite a lot has happened. So I thought it was about time for another update (see here and here for the earlier updates). 

 The blockwork for the pond has now been fully completed, we were pretty much done at the last major update but have finished off the last few blocks. This was tricky due to the weight of the blocks and needing to lift them up the ladder onto the final position. The walls of the pond have ended up over 6 feet tall.