Thursday, 10 May 2012

Koi Quiz Round Up‏

Bob Grinyer turned quiz master for last night’s Kangei club meeting and hosted a pub style koi quiz.  We split into 3 teams to test ourselves on over 40 questions covering a wide range of topics including koi varieties, water chemistry and pond management.  Bob designed and drafted the quiz to test us on information learned at Kangei events over the last year, and particularly from our guest speakers.
I’m going to call the quiz, Kangei’s 1st Annual Quiz in the hope we can persuade Bob to make this an annual event - testing us on information gleamed from guest speakers and at other events over the last year is a great leveller and helps us remember what we’ve learned.
This was the third month in a row that we welcomed new members to our club, and we look forward to getting to know new members Phil and Jo over the coming months.
Thanks again to Bob, and I will be emailing out soon about next month’s meeting which is at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm. So, please plan ahead for a different journey to the club night.
Happy koi keeping


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