Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Timely Observation or E=MC²

By John Darwood

OK, so there is no disputing Einstein was a clever chap, and well ahead of his time, but he couldn’t have been a Koi Keeper or he would have understood the true meaning of his formulae.

What’s that, I hear you ask, well I shall tell you.

It starts in childhood (some of us can remember that far back), do you remember when you were a kid, it took for ever for your birthday to come around, or Christmas, that was another one, the waiting that had to be endured time passed so slowly. Summer holidays were another thing, 6 weeks during which you could do what you wanted and it went on forever.

Looking forward to your 16/17 Birthday when you could get that first provisional Driving Licence, and then when you got to 18 your first legal drink in a pub, what a milestone that was.

But that when relativity starts to kick in, you get married have kids and after that its downhill all the way, time starts to go quicker , it passes by in a blur , you wonder where it goes . You can remember the children being born, the dates are a bit obscure but the wife will always remind you.

And then the kids leave home, there is a void in your life, but for once you have a bit of money and you discover KOI.

Now you have entered another dimension  where commonsense goes out of the window and anything can be justified (quite easily). This new dimension has two distinct time zones.

For one half of the  year time flies by, you never have a minute, what with maintenance, pond visits, shows, adding that extra bit of kit. Where does the time go.

And then before you know where you are, wham your in the second time zone, now time drags, hours of endless darkness, melancholy, depression sets in, , and you start to get withdrawal symptoms. 

And then, its Christmas and you might get a few KOI related goodies to cheer you up,  thank god Malcolm Is open at Christmas I would go stir crazy

January comes along and you notice the darkness doesn’t last quite as long, its still cold and the fish aren’t feeding, and who wants to be out there in that weather anyway. 

Einstein wanted to travel in time where we want more of it, just think how much more enjoyment you could get out of the pond if it were Heated, or even better covered in!!!!!!!! Year round Koikeeping, it must be everyone’s dream.

The formula E=MC² was nearly right, if we transpose it to E=CM²  I will explain  E is enjoyment which we all get out of our hobby. C is commitment, we have to have this by the bucket load, as some of the pitfalls and setbacks can be very demoralising. M²  stands for twice as much money as you first thought the pond would cost.

The key to this of course is commitment  if it is  > 1 you get so much more enjoyment  for your money.

John Darwood


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