Monday, 27 February 2012

Kangei Members Visit the East Midlands Koi Club Winter Show.

Several members of Kangei Koi Club made the trip to Uttoxeter Racecourse to visit the EMKC Winter Show.

In addition to a great day out with some excellent quality koi on show, dealer bargains to be had and lots of friendly like-minded people to chat with about all things koi, club members had the added bonus of a tour round the vats in the company of one of the BKKS’ senior judges, Gary Pritchard (who also happens to be a member of Kangei Koi Club). Gary highlighted the good and not so good attributes of the koi on show and explained the finer nuances of why koi A is a better specimen than koi B – even though the majority of hobbyists might “like” koi B more. The word “like” is never used when judging koi. He also answered the many questions members had and happily shared his knowledge and experience to improve our knowledge of koi appreciation. The photo shows club members locked in concentration about a koi’s qualities as Amanda clarifies a point with Gary.

Kangei Koi Club Members at the EMKC Winter Show
There was also some extra interest for us because two of our members, Amanda and Adam Byer were exhibiting some of their koi at the show – with some success too! Congratulations to Amanda and Adam. More details of their results will be posted here soon and photos of some of the koi on show will be added later.

Many thanks to Gary Pritchard for giving up his time and to Donald Gibbs for providing the photo.


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