Friday, 30 September 2011

Brenda & Geoff's Pond Visit

A big THANK YOU to Brenda and Geoff for opening their pond and garden to us yesterday and for providing such fantastic hospitality.

We met at 10.00am as planned and, despite the not-so-good forecast, the weather was dry and sunny and Brenda soon had bacon rolls on the go with a choice of tea or coffee to wash them down.

Geoff has some very nice fish in his pond, including a nice Kohaku and Sanke that he bought when he visited Japan about 20 years ago, and they’re still fit and healthy! However, my favourite koi was undoubtedly the big Doitsu Ochiba – a real eye catcher and the star of the pond in my opinion! There are a couple of photos of Geoff’s koi on the forum section if you want to look.

Unfortunately, the water in the pond was a bit cloudy and Geoff was more than happy to discuss ideas and suggestions of how he could modify his set up to get better results. Well, you know how koi keepers are always keen to express their opinions on someone else’s set-up, so the debate and discussion went on for the next few hours – probably would have gone on all afternoon if more than 4 of us had bothered to turn up and the rain had held off a bit longer!

Anyway, with Geoff’s head now full of ideas and suggestions and the rain starting to fall (but not until about 1 o’clock, we moved inside to – more bacon rolls, cakes, tea and coffee and discussion about all things to do with koi and ponds before the rain stopped and we returned to the garden for an inspection of Brenda and Geoff’s interesting and beautiful selection of plants – and some lessons about planting and maintaining Fuschias from Dave Penn.

Before we knew it, it was gone 2 o’clock and time to say farewell to our hosts and head for home. Those of us who did go had a really enjoyable morning with good company and first class hospitality – and look forward to finding out which suggestions Geoff goes with and whether or not it works!


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