Monday, 15 August 2011

Photo Show

Wednesday 11th August saw the club's first photo show.

It was planned as nothing more than a fun evening for members to put into practice some of the koi appreciation points learned during the recent talk by Bernie Wollands and all members would have the chance to vote for their favourite three koi in four classes; Kohaku, Sanke, Showa and Other, which included all non Go-Sanke koi. They also had the chance to vote for their favourite three koi overall.

Despite the majority of members appearing to be a little shy (or should I say "coy") about showing off their pride and joys, we did have 30 photos of different koi to consider. Check the forum post entitled "Photo Show" to see some of the entries.
If you're a koi keeper, or are thinking of keeping koi in the future, why not join us?
Full details of our meeting dates and venue can be found on our About page.


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